guality fodder from Ukraine, feed for animals

Dried pulp in bales

suh gom


Moisture abt 10 %

Sand/Silica abt 1 %

Crude Ash abt 6 %

Saccharose abt 9 %

Fibre abt 16 %


The extracted pulp is gently dried and then baled into round bales.

This not only makes this valuable feedstuff storable and flowable, it also makes it easier to grind and mix together with other animal feed components.

Dry pulp is an important component for the production of feed concentrate. It can also be used as a food supplement on their own.

Appetising and rich in raw fibre, easy-to-digest and with good swelling capacities, the energy supplement from sugar beet pulp enhances the wellbeing of cattle, horses, pigs and sheep. The dried sugar beet pulp is a valuable source of roughage, and therefore an optimal animal feed supplement. Sugar beet pulp has a high proportion of fibre which is particularly easily exploitable by ruminants.



Fibre largely consists of cellulose, hemi-cellulose and pectins which can be continuously metabolised, unlike starch and sugar.

The nutrients are almost exclusively broken down by microorganisms in the rumen and the large intestines, where they are primarily broken down into acetic acid. Acetic acid is a building block for fat synthesis and is less harmful to the rumen than the lactic acid which is produced in considerable quantities when digesting starch.

The swelling capacity of dried beet pulp is an important property in the digestive tracts of monogastric animals (such as pigs). Because the fibres are not digested until they enter the large intestines, the swelling up of the pulp, and therefore the filling of the digestive tract, calms down the animals, e.g. farrowing sows, and prevents excess fattening.


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