Wheat bran

guality fodder from Ukraine, feed for animals


Wheat branWheat bran - is a byproduct, obtained in the process of grain processing to flour and groats. Bran consists of hard shell of grain, flour substances and germs.

Depending on raw, bran can be: wheat bran, rye bran, oat bran, rice bran, corn bran, buckwheat bran, millet and others.

But the most demanded since olden times considered wheat bran. It is caused by the fact that other mentioned above kinds of bran have content of cellulose in excess and are suitable only for feeding of adult specimens of ruminants.

Recently, the demand for bran in food industry has increased, however the main field of their application always was the field of valuable feed production for all kinds of farm animals. Wheat bran

Bran can be coarse (large) and fine (small). Depending on the method of grain processing, bran can be of various nutritional value: the more flour and groats extracted from grain and, respectively the less nutritious such bran are. However, compared with grains, bran contains more phosphorus (80% of the grain), pantothenic and nicotinic acids. The content of proteins in bran – near 15-16%, fats – 3-3,5%. 

Also to the bran is applied the process of granulation. Granulation of bran at the moment is a very effective way of recycling the milling industry, because under this process the raw material is compacted by 5-10 times that in its turn allows to save space during transportation and storage. Also useful advantage of bran granulation is their sterilization due to the heat treatment, and therefore there is a weakening of microorganisms and fungi which cause growth retardation of animals and the appropriate diseases.

According to the age and kind of animals, bran are fed in different forms. For example, for horses, pigs – in the form of nutritional drink, for cattle– in the form of mash with chopped straw and chaff.



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