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Pressed Pulp in bales

Pressed Pulp in bales

Sugar beet pulp bales belong to the energy-rich animal feeds. Compared to maize/corn silage they have the advantage of a higher energy and extractable protein value. Read more...

Unmolassed Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets

Unmolassed Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets

Dry pulp pellets are an important component for the production of feed concentrate. They can also be used as a food supplement on their own.  Read more...
Pressed Pulp in bales

Dried pulp in bales

Appetising and rich in raw fibre, easy-to-digest and with good swelling capacities, the energy supplement from sugar beet pulp enhances the wellbeing of cattle, horses, pigs and sheep.  Read more...
Pressed Pulp in bales

Wheat bran

Wheat bran - is a byproduct, obtained in the process of grain processing to flour and groats. Bran consists of hard shell of grain, flour substances and germs. Depending on raw, bran can be: wheat bran, rye bran, oat bran, rice bran, corn bran, buckwheat bran, millet and others.Read more...
Pressed Pulp in bales

Soybean meal

Soybean meal and cake meal – are typical byproducts of soy oil production. The difference between them is in the method of soybean oil extraction: the meal is pressed out, and the cake is extracted processed with extractive solvent. Read more...
Pressed Pulp in bales


The wheat flour is one of the most popular used for baking. It can be of various grinding: coarse-granular flour, whole meal flour, the flour of third, second, first grade flour. The coarser grinding is, the less bran it can be sifted through a sieve and the more nutritious it is. Read more...

Sugarbeet molasses

Sugarbeet molasses

The molasses contains the sugar that is bound within the syrup and can therefore not be directly extracted in crystalline form. This sugar is very easily digestible.  Read more...


Livestock and Poultry feed for all live stages with high quality components. Read more...


Аlfalfa is the most important component in the roughage feed given to cattle. Read more...
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"MNC Group" company participated in the international exhibition "SIAM, 2015"


Выставка Марокко

At the end of April - beginning of May, the International Agricultural Exhibition «Salon International de l'Agriculture au Maroc, 2015» was held with the support of the Interregional Union of poultry farmers and feed manufacture. The exhibition was held in Morocco, Meknes city. The exhibition is an annual event, on which large amount of farmers, manufacturers of feed products and agro industrial organizations can present their own goods and services, exchange valuable experience, set new business relationships.

At the international exhibition «Salon International de l'Agriculture au Maroc, 2015»  were attended representatives of a great deal of European countries – its more than 1 thousand organizations from 50 countries.  According to statistics data of organizers, the exhibition was visited by more than one million of interested visitors.  Each company-member of the exhibition has prepared a branded stand with information regarding products, and also provided product samples.rs of Ukraine and the Association of Ukrainian-Moroccan friendship and cooperation.

Корма и кормовые добавкиDuring the exhibition negotiations were held with a lot of representatives of agriculture and marine fisheries of Morocco, who are already bearing fruitful results.

   «MNC Group» company also took an active part in the exhibition «Salon International de l'Agriculture au Maroc, 2015».  Its official representatives were Mazur Julia Nikolaevna (financial director of «MNC Group» company) and Mazur Grigoriy Vladislavovich (general director of «MNC Group»).  The main exhibition positions of «MNC Group» company – compound feed for cattle and poultry.  

At the international exhibition «MNC Group» company provided only the best feed of Ukrainian producers, which passed certification under GMP+, ISO 22000, IFS standards.

As the exchange of experiences exhibitors were invited to visit poultry farms to become familiar with the features of Moroccan enterprises poultry industry.


Украинские предприниматели приняли участие в 18-м Морроканском международном салоне птицеводства

МНС Групп Марроко

Ежегодный Марроканский салон птицеводства «Dawajine2015» с 24 по 26 ноября 2015 года встречал гостей из множества стран.  Приятно отметить, что среди множества участников были и 10 украинских компаний, представителей малого и среднего бизнеса различных отраслей кормопроизводства.

Марроканский салон значительное событие для украинских предпринимателей - более 200 участников выставки из Марокко и зарубежных стран получили возможность ознакомиться с с возможностями агропромышленного комплекса Украины, в частности Племптицесовхоза «Броварской» (Киевская обл.), Предприятием ТМ «Своя индейка» (Сумская обл.). Украинские предприниматели из Харькова ( МНС Групп, представителем компании является генеральный директор Григорий Мазур)  продемонстрировали участникам выставки широкий спектр отечественных кормовых добавок, кормов для птицы и скота, биоудобрения и биопрепараты и тому подобное.




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