Pressed Pulp in bales

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Pressed Pulp in bales


Pressed Pulp in bales 2 Pressed Pulp in bales part 

With a typical DM of 20 > 30% this product is a useful energy feed for dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep. Ideal for use in complete feeds or for use as a midday feed. This buffer feed and moist concentrate is a high energy succulent to supplement silage when supplies are limited or the quality poor.

Pressed Pulp improves the energy density of rations based on straw and hay. In complete diet systems, its high energy density and physical nature enhance the quality of the mix.


Sugar beet pulp is effectively used in ruminant feeding due to its high fibre content (up to 25 % in the dry matter). It has the potential to replace significant quantities of cereals in concentrate mixtures for dairy cattle. Incorporation rates of 30 % in the dry matter of diets for dairy cows and 50 % for beef cattle are possible.


Pressed pulp:

Improves the energy density of rations    
Is useful for supplementing forage when quality and quantity are low    
Is suitable as a buffer feed    
Is a natural & traceable product which is Ukraine produced and feed assured     
Enhances physical nature and 'opens up' total mixed rations    
Improves animal performance by stimulating and increasing feed intake  
Good source of digestible fibre    
Can be clamped with forage    
Succulent and palatable 
Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp can be fed to most farm livestock in a wide range of feeding situations. Whether used as part of a total mixed ration (TMR), as a sole concentrate feed or as a forage replacer, care should be taken to ensure a good long fibre source is present and that the minerals are correctly balanced, particularly for phosphorus, which tends to be short on sugar beet products.   
Dairy  Cows- up to 20 kg per head per day (but not more 5kg DM/head)
Beef Cattle - up to 20 kg per head per day (but not more 1.5kg DM/100kg live weight)
Sheep - up to 3 kg per head per day can be used for ewes and fattening lambs.
Pigs -  up to 4 kg per head per day (but not more 1kg DM/head)

The key benefits of bales that speak for themselves:
- the high density of pulp in the bales (>860 kg/m3), which keep pulp fresh during one year outdoor
- simple and cost-efficiently transport , storage and using of the bales.

Size of bale:
Diameter  1.15m
Height      1.2 m
Volume    1.25m3
Weight     1-1.1t




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