guality fodder from Ukraine, feed for animals


Soybean cakeSoybean meal and cake meal – are typical byproducts of soy oil production. The difference between them is in the method of soybean oil extraction: the meal is pressed out, and the cake is extracted processed with extractive solvent. In contrast to soybean meal, the cake contains more protein, but fat – not more than 1,5%.

Soybean meal can be of two types:
    • full-fat meal (without oil extraction);
    • semi-skimmed meal (pressed full-fat meal).

Also one of its advantages is comparatively low content of fiber. This fact is certainly increase the level of digestibility compared to other feed additives, that makes it popular among all the kinds of farm animals and poultry (also it suits also for exotic animals). Soybean meal possesses the high exchange energy, contains such necessary microelements as: iron, zinc, manganese and calcium.

A complete description of its chemical composition is given in the table below:

Physico-chemical parameters

Taste, odor and color


Results of measurements

Moisture and volatile matter



Urease activity, the difference in pH



Mass fraction of crude protein, %, not less



Mass fraction of crude fiber, %, not more



Oil content, %





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